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Domestic violence cases are all different in terms of the details. Law Offices of Brett Levy PC understands this and that is why our attorneys are trained to highlight key aspects of each case and pick apart the prosecutors case. We are dedicated to serving the interests of those accused, arrested, or charged with a domestic violence offense throughout the Malden area.

Law Offices of Brett Levy PC believes in the constitutional right of every person to be viewed as innocent until proven guilty. As a domestic violence law firm, Law Offices of Brett Levy PC values your rights and will do everything possible to protect them. A domestic violence charge can seriously affect your future. That is why it is vital to have an aggressive and compassionate law firm, like Law Offices of Brett Levy PC, by your side.

A criminal record can have some devastating effects and is, therefore, one of the most common concerns associated with fighting a criminal prosecution. If you are being charged with a crime, it is extremely important that you do everything you can to minimize the impact on your record. One of our experienced Malden criminal defense attorneys may be able to help you.

Law Offices of Brett Levy PC will handle your domestic violence case with individual attention and care while designing a tailored strategy that best suits your case. Do not allow your domestic violence case to place a burden on your life. Residents in Malden and surrounding areas can rely on Law Offices of Brett Levy PC to properly represent their case. Call the office of Law Offices of Brett Levy PC at (617) 821-9212 today to set up a free consultation of your domestic violence case today.

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